Pink Box Inspiration

Posted on September 01, 2015 by Rachel Hanretty

The inspiration behind our new anniversary pink box came from the Grand Budapest Hotel, in the form of Mendl’s Patisserie boxes. If you haven’t watched the Grand Budapest Hotel, we encourage you to do so! We were inspired by the care that went into each creation. Spoiler alert: the box is so pristine and beautiful, that the guards of the jail let it pass by security, unknowingly sending aid to the inmates.

Don’t worry, there aren’t any miniature pick axes hidden in our macarons though!

Our pink box has a silver stamp with a detailed design of our window display, along with a selection of French and Scottish symbols thrown in for good measure. The anniversary macaron inside will rest on a silver disk. The entire package is tied up with silver ribbon. This can either be tied as a bow or as handles so you can carry it as a little bag… cute!

Find out more about what will be inside this luxury box by clicking here!


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