Supporting Charities

Posted on September 01, 2015 by Rachel Hanretty

We get phone calls and emails asking us to support charities across Scotland and the UK and we cannot support everyone unfortunately. But let us tell you one of the charities we do support and the reason why we do it.

Our Mademoiselle is doing pretty well as far as anniversaries go and even won an award but one of the things you might not know regards the milestone she just reached.

While opening the business Rachel still battled with epilepsy which she had had since she was a wee yin. Although it had been cured for six years, the epilepsy and seizures came back only a few months after her return from Paris.

Anyone who has spoken to Rachel in the shop will know she is vivacious and will plough on regardless of obstacles. However, only a few months before Mademoiselle Macaron opened on Grindlay Street, Rachel would return to bed due to extreme dizziness and fatigue.

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