It's here for Autumn - Pumpkin Pie Macaron!

Posted on October 08, 2015 by Rachel Hanretty



You have your spiced chai latte in hand and you're already dreaming of winter nights by the fire but don't forget the sweetness of autumn. It's time to crunch those leaves and indulge in nature's offerings which means PUMPKIN! 

We've been working hard in the kitchen to bring you seasonal goodness and now we have it - the pumpkin pie macaron!

Available for a limited time only, go straight to our macaron picker to add it to your mixed box of macarons. May we also recommend gingerbread to go in your selection too? 

And don't worry - this macaron is also gluten free. It's got pumpkin in it so it's healthy... Apart from the sugar, but what's a teaspoon of sugar to anyone, right Miss Poppins?! 

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