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Posted on November 30, 2015 by Rachel Hanretty

Our heart may still be in Paris but in our kitchen and cafe in Edinburgh, we try to keep everything local. We want your tastebuds to travel to France while very few food miles have actually been clocked up.

That means our eggs come from a farm a few miles to the west of Edinburgh, our hot chocolate is made down the road by Coco Chocolate, our coffee is Roasted by Steampunk Coffee in North Berwick and our tea from a company based in St Andrews and England.

Who are these people then?

Tea People

Tea People source everything from black tea to fruity infusions from around the tea growing region of Darjeeling. The company believe that 'tea is what you make it'. Tea can be different things to different people and with a little effort, creativity and innovation, it can even become a powerful medium for social change. 50% of profit goes towards improving the lives of the underprivileged communities in and around the tea growing regions of India.

Steampunk Coffee

Steampunk Coffee has its roaster and cafe in the beautiful town of North Berwick, to the east of Edinburgh. Cath who heads the team told us that the aim of the company is at all times to be inclusive, to learn from others and share our own knowledge and passion. And we love nothing better than tinkering with old stuff – vans, machinery, furniture and bringing it up to date so that we can use it.

Coco Chocolate

Coco is an Artisan Chocolatier based in Edinburgh that specialises in making ethically traded, organic and most importantly delicious chocolate.
Coco was established in 2004 as one of Scotland’s first chocolatiers. Now the Company has two gorgeous shops and a specialist Chocolate Kitchen.

Visit our cafe in Edinburgh to taste these wonderful products for yourself. We promise you won't be disappointed. 

Why not sign up for a macaron subscription and get the Tea People's tea sachets and Coco Chocolate's hot chocolate in your delivery to sip on while eating macarons?


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