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Price Increase Notice

Posted on April 01, 2021 by Rachel Hanretty

If you have ordered from us before, you might now notice that our prices have gone up from April 2021 onwards. 

In the interest of transparency and fairness to our customers, I wanted to explain why we have done this. 

Raising prices is not something I enjoy doing and as someone not motivated by pure financial gain, it hasn’t been a priority to me. That’s why it has now been three years since we raised our prices and since starting to sell macarons online back in 2015, this is only the second time we have had a price increase. 

Everything we order and everything we use to make macarons from electricity to water has gone up in price. The increases were absorbed for some time but with Brexit and Covid now resulting in a tidal wave of raw material increases across the board, it’s not something we can do anymore. 

Mademoiselle Macaron is an accredited Living Wage Employer and it takes hours to make just one batch of macarons. I hope it’s some comfort that when enjoying your macarons, you know that the team who made them are paid fairly. To pay them fairly, we must charge appropriately.

As we grow, we’ll try to barter for better rates and try to reduce the cost of postage with Royal Mail which we will pass on to you. In the meantime, we will run occasional seasonal discounts and promotions when possible. 

You don’t have to buy macarons from us but we are still very competitively priced against other companies (not M&S or Lidl though, whose macarons are cheap but only because flour is used meaning they contain gluten and aren’t really the best macarons).

We believe every Mademoiselle and Monsieur deserves a moment of luxury and we’ll continue to deliver that, at a price that enables us to do so.


Rachel  x

Chief Mademoiselle 


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