Working According to Our Key Values

Posted on August 19, 2016 by Rachel Hanretty

At Mademoiselle Macaron we have some key values to uphold as a team which we work towards. Our Key Values are based on the ideas of the revolution, one that we lit up when we brought a part of Paris to Scotland. 


Macarons are about having one bite of a moment to indulge. Whether customers have one macaron or 100, everyone should get a moment to go to Paris - and we want to take you and everyone there in first class.  


Our team works hard to support each other whether working in the kitchen, shop or online. Mademoiselle Macaron supports other Scottish businesses who supply our ingredients and materials. We work hard together to deliver the best range of French macarons in the friendliest way possible. 


We are free spirited in our macaron development, recipes from root beer to ready salted crisps have featured in our repertoire. 

We think outside the box from our packaging to customer service and we value being truly unique, authentic and fun. 

And to borrow from our Scottish heritage our value when working is to ‘gie it laldy’ - we give it our all when producing the best French macarons. 

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