Macarons with Message

Sometimes you just need to spell it out to someone that you care and what better way to do that than with and on macarons! 

We print on white macarons which are either Nutella or Vanilla and the rest is up to you. We print one word per macaron and will use the spelling you specify below. 

1. Choose what size of gift box you would like. 

2. Choose from Vanilla / Nutella and whether you'd like half or ALL of the macarons printed.

3. Leave the words** you want printed and let us know which font you'd like!

Looking for images to upload onto macarons? Have a look at our selfie macarons.

Half printed boxes are supplied with the remaining unprinted macarons in raspberry, salted caramel and pistachio flavours. 

**Please note: when supplying your message for printing we find it works best to have one word printed per macaron (for example, choose 6 words for 6 macarons)

We reserve the right to modify the message supplied to fit in with these guidelines if we can't make contact with you.

Collections: Gift Boxes, Printed Macarons

Type: Macaron

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