Photo Macarons

Now you can make macarons even more personalised with our printing machine. Why not have a favourite photo or selfie printed directly onto macarons!?

You can choose from having all macarons printed or half of them printed. These will be presented in a gift box. Further notes below!

Fancy an even larger quantity of macarons printed for an event? Get in touch with our customer service team

Order notes

- Please upload high quality photos, roughly 3000 pixels if possible. If you do send us a low quality image, we cannot guarantee it will print as well as a laser printer prints on paper and will try to get in touch with you to warn you of this. Similarly, if you've chosen a scan of an old photo or taken a picture of a photograph we cannot guarantee the quality of the print. We are however, limited by the time factor e.g. if you want it for tomorrow but order it 15 minutes before order cut off, it will be difficult to do this. We will always, always try our best. 

- Maximum variation of photos to be printed per box is 3. If you send 12 different images to be printed, we will only print 3. 

- Grey-scale/Sepia effect can be used when printing logos only

- We can only print your photos onto white or ivory macaron shells which are vanilla or Nutella flavour. Half printed boxes are supplied with the remaining unprinted macarons in raspberry, salted caramel and pistachio flavours. 

- Please note that macarons average 4cm in diameter. 

We reserve the right to choose the best of the images uploaded to fit in with these guidelines.

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Type: Macaron

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