Cookies and Cream

Flavour Profile

An amazing combination between Cookies and Cream!



Sugar, eggs almonds,  cream, White Chocolate, butter , Oreo biscuits (gluten, sugar, palm oil, repeseed oil, fat-reduced cocoa powder 4,5%, wheat starch, flucose-fructose syrup, raising agents, salt, soya lecithin,suncflower lecithin,flavouring. May contain milknutssesame), milk, Cornflour, Salt.

Food colourings.

Allergens: dairy, nuts (almonds), egg whites, soya, gluten, sesame

We use natural and naturally derived food colourings wherever possible but your macarons may contain up to 4 of the following: E129, E124, E104, E122, E110, E133, E155, E153, E102.

*(Warning: E102, E104, E110, E122, E124, E129 may have an adverse effect on activity and attention of children).

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