Digital Class FAQs

Maybe you've just received a Bake At Home pack or are thinking of taking up a class pass to our online tutorials. Here are some pointers on how our digital classes work. 

How does it work?

When you place your order, you will get two emails. One is an order confirmation email and the other comes from an online system called Fetch. This contains a unique URL which you click and it then has access to a further 9+ files. 

Click on those links to watch the videos. 

Can I download the videos and watch offline?

You can download them only after you see the video on your screen. You will be downloading from Dropbox, where we save our videos. 

I can't download the files? What's going on?

It's worth keeping in mind that the video files are massive in size so they may take a wee while to download. 

We recommend downloading them on a computer rather than a phone. Make sure you have wifi signal to speed up download. Downloading straight from the Fetch URL will not work, you must click one step further to download from Dropbox. 

Is it a live class? 

This is not a live class. We have broken the different steps down into separate videos so that you can take your time with the baking. 

How long does it take to make macarons? 

To go from start to finish, we recommend allocating 2-3 hours to the process. The good news is that there are various points in the process where you'll be waiting for the macarons to be ready to go in the oven and when they're baking in the oven that you can sit down with a cup of tea. 

What flavours of macarons do we make?

We have recipes to make orange (dairy free), chocolate, vanilla, pistachio and rose macarons. You don't need to make all five flavours in one go! Our pack contains ingredients for the chocolate macarons. 

Do I need to be connected to the internet? 

Yes, initially. If you have downloaded the files to your device, you will be able to watch the videos offline. 

How long do I have access to this class?

The URL link lasts for 12 months so you can go back to it again and again. 

What's the difference between the digital access only and the Macaron class pack?

The class pack includes everything you need to make your first batch of macarons (with the exception of eggs, butter and cream). It means you can keep the equipment like the piping nozzle, spatula and template baking tray along with the food colouring which lasts a while so that you can continue to make multiple batches of macarons. 

The digital access is ideal if you already have baking equipment and you're reading to go! 

What do I need before the class? 

Get yourself some eggs, butter and cream. You will also need an electric hand whisk or stand mixer. Whatever you do, you do not want to be whisking the egg whites by hand, it will take you forever! 

The digital access only product includes a link to the recipe book so you can see what ingredients are needed and for what flavour. 

It is always the same ingredients and measures for the shells but the fillings will all be different so make sure you have a look at those. 

I'm giving this as a gift, how do they get access to the class files? 

You will need to forward the recipient the email you received with the unique link to your order. Alternatively, you could print this email and they'll be able to see the link there. 

I've made the macarons but it's not quite worked, can you help?

Absolutely! That's what we're here for. Either Maddy (who is in the video) or Rachel (founder of Mademoiselle Macaron) will be on hand to problem solve any issues you have. Just email us and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can. 

There's also an FAQ section in the recipe booklet too. 

What methods do you use in the video?

 We focus on the French meringue method. All of the recipes for the fillings are completely different. 

I couldn't get it to work, I want a refund. 

We are more than happy to talk you through the way to access the files. However, we can see if people have downloaded the files and if you have downloaded the videos but then want a refund, this will not be offered as you have accessed what you have paid for. 

We will not accept responsibility for any issues you have with your internet connection or computer hardware. 

Check the custom picker for all available flavours.

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