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Rachel - Chief Mademoiselle

Mademoiselle Macaron Rachel Hanretty

 “People ask me all the time if I love cooking and macarons and of course I do but that's not what made me set up Mademoiselle Macaron. I am driven by the smiles on people's faces when they see how colourful and beautiful our macarons are and then I see them light up when they bite into them and realise how delicious they are. That's what drives my work at Mademoiselle Macaron. I am truly lucky to have a wonderful team around me to ensure every Mademoiselle and Monsieur get to have their moment of luxury.


Brooke - Shop Manager

Mademoiselle Macaron Airport Manager Brooke Merriman

Born and raised in Australia, Brook has 7+ years in the hospitality industry.  When asked why she chose this industry she replied: ' I love retail and hospitality for the busyness and the passion for food. This industry is an art form, and it's something that I take pride in'. Always smiley and cheerful Brooke will greet you at our Waverley Mall Kiosk. As for her favourite macarons? She would always reach out for Toffee and Rose macarons.


Maddy - Kitchen Manager

Mademoiselle Macaron Kitchen Head Maddy Grant


Born and raised in the South of England, Maddy very proudly holds the position of kitchen head. Holding a degree from the University of Edinburgh, she has worked in many renowned restaurants, chocolate kitchens, bars and cafes, learning as much as possible. Her favourite macaron is Chocolate Peanut Butter.


Annie - Kitchen Supervisor

Mademoiselle Macaron Annie

 Annie was born and raised in the beautiful country of Colombia. Her culinary journey began many years ago when she was still in school. She followed her love and curiosity of food which led her to Edinburgh, working as a professional Macaronist at Mademoiselle Macaron. Chocolate & Passion Fruit and Strawberry are her favourite macaron flavours. 

Chris - Retail Monsieur

Mademoiselle Macaron Christopher

Chris had already taken one of our macaron classes and eaten many a macaron before he joined the team in May 2019. You will find him at our Waverley Kiosk where he might be nibbling on his favourite flavour of macaron - salted caramel!

Fulfilment Agent

Fulfilment Agent

We are actively recruiting for the right Mademoiselle or Monsieur to be the final point of contact for our macarons. Packing and shipping these macarons, we need someone to be in charge of getting the orders to the right people. Think you would fit the bill, email:


Jennifer - Retail Mademoiselle

Mademoiselle Macaron Jennifer

Jen is our longest serving member of staff after having been recruited at age 14! Now at 18 Jen is off to college to study music technology but you'll still find her at Grassmarket serving customers on a Saturday and sometimes at our Waverley Kiosk. She's all smiles and has great Scottish banter!


Emma - Macaronist

Mademoiselle Macaron Shem

Emma is super organised in the kitchen and her favourite macaron is lemon flavour! She swapped a kitchen in Linlithgow for our kitchen in Edinburgh and we're so glad she did!

Ludovica - Macaronist

Mademoiselle Macaron Ludo

Ludovica fitted right into our kitchen and has brought some Italian flare with her. By day she keeps her hair tied up and in a sexy blue hairnet and by night she releases the hair we are all jealous of! 😂   

Csilla - Macaronist

Mademoiselle Macaron Jennifer


Csilla is one of our quietest macaronists and you're likely to find her captured in our instagram stories as she quickly pipes the fillings onto the macaron shells!


? - Macaronist

Mademoiselle Macaron Jennifer


We're recruiting more kitchen assistants/macaronists to join our team. Interested? Email