What are French macarons?

French macarons are made using egg whites, ground almonds, and icing sugar. They come in a variety of colours and flavours. Macarons actually date back to 1500s. 

How can I find out more about the ingredients and allergens 

You can visit our Allergen page for more information and you can download our allergen sheet for your records. 

What and who is Mademoiselle Macaron?  

Mademoiselle Macaron was set up by Rachel Hanretty who lived in Paris and learnt how to make macarons at the Alain Ducasse cookery school. 

She has a vision of giving everyone a little bit of luxury and a little bit of Paris without crossing the Channel.  

Read more about the story of Mademoiselle Macaron on the About page and in the press articles we have been featured in.  


Do you have a minimum order quantity?   

Yes, minimum order: 100 macarons (average order 400 macarons).

When do I get a better discount rate? 

When you order over 200 macarons, you receive an additional 15% discount. The 

Is there a cut off time for placing orders?

Yes. Cut off times for orders to be delivered in the same week is Monday at 6pm.  


Our macarons are shipped frozen because we find that this improves the texture of a macaron. It means the macarons can be kept frozen for up to six months and lets you, the customer, control your stock. 

Once your macarons have been defrosted, their best before date is seven days from then, use by seven days. 

We transport the macarons in sturdy trays that hold 35 macarons each (see picture below). You can take the trays out and put the straight into the freezer on delivery. 

Our macarons are fresh for up to seven days at room temperature. To ensure maximum freshness we advise they be kept refrigerated. You can also freeze our macarons but would advise against freezing and defrosting more than once. 


We sell our luxury gift boxes (6, 12 and 18 macarons) to wholesale customers at cost price. 

We put in a lot of research to our macaron boxes to ensure that our macarons would survive the journey with the Royal Mail. These boxes contain plastic inserts so that each macaron has its own divider. 

Our purple boxes have the Paris meets Edinburgh skyline and our Mademoiselle Macaron signature logo. 

What if I don’t want to use your packaging?

We aren’t saying you should use our boxes, sometimes cellophane bags are enough to show off the colours of the macarons. 

How do I add packaging to my order:

Everything is available to buy on our packaging page


How should I display the macarons?

Macarons speak for themselves when they are laid out in a display cabinet. The trays we send the macarons in are great for displaying in your shop. 

Macarons are an ambient product but should be stored in a fridge overnight.


How much should I charge for the macarons?

In our shop and cafe, we package macarons in the brown boxes and charge accordingly: 

4 macarons - £6.00

8 macarons - £9.50

12 macarons - £12.00

For the luxury boxes:

6 macarons - £9.50

12 macarons - £16.00

18 macarons - £20.00


How long after I order will I receive the macarons?

Please be advised that for same week deliveries there is a cut off time of Monday at 6pm. Deliveries within Edinburgh will be made on a Thursday. Deliveries are sent out with DPD Local on a next day delivery service. Alternative delivery dates and express delivery is available subject to kitchen schedule.

How are the macarons packaged for delivery?

We use silver-lined, insulated boxes to put the macarons in, use biodegradeble packing peanuts to protect them and include freezer packs to keep them fresh. Macarons are packed in trays of 35 where each macaron has its own space. 

Can I track delivery status?

When we send out the parcels with DPD Local, a tracking number is generated and we will send this to you via email with a order fulfilment note. 

I'm local, can I pick up my order personally?

Yes. Let us know how you would like your order to be processed by leaving your comments in the notes section. If you have any concerns get in touch by calling us on 0131 285 5820 or email us at kitchen@mademoisellemacaron.co.uk


First time wholesale customers are asked to pay via card/bank transfer. Further orders can be paid for by bank transfer choosing the bank deposit option when checking out. 

This will generate an invoice that will be enclosed in your order. 

How do I pay?

Please pay via BACS online transfer.

What are your payment terms?

Full payment is required within one week of the invoice date. 


Am I limited to choosing the flavours you have on your website?

No. We have a range of 15-18 standard flavours as seen on our website. We also do seasonal flavours throughout the year, and retire some flavours occasionally. We can also do flavours upon request, subject to extra costs. There is a 35 macaron minimum for bespoke flavour orders. For more information please call us on 0131 285 5820 or email us at bonjour@mademoisellemacaron.co.uk.

I need a specific colour of macaron, can you do this?

We always endeavour to match the requested colour, but advise that due to the nature of food production there can be slight variances. Please provide a colour swatch for us to work from. Get in touch by calling us on 0131 285 5820 or email us at bonjour@mademoisellemacaron.co.uk

Please note that there is a 50 macaron minimum for bespoke colour and flavour orders.  

Do you provide point of sale material?

Yes. We can provide point of sale material and work on seasonal promotions.  

Who else sells your macarons?

We currently provide macarons to five regular vendors across Scotland. Visit our where to buy page for more information. If you would like to be featured on our website as a provider please let us know. 

Can we partner up?

We are always looking to work with exciting and interesting brands who compliment what we do. If that's you, get in touch. 

Terms and Conditions  

Please read the terms and conditions for wholesale before placing an order. 


Check the custom picker for all available flavours.

Enjoy a Moment of Luxury