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Mademoiselle Macaron | The Team

Rachel - Chief Mademoiselle

Rachel still can't believe that the idea of making macarons for a living has worked out - so far! Seven years into developing Mademoiselle Macaron, you'll now find her behind a laptop dreaming up new ideas and spreadsheets. It fills her heart with joy to be working with a wonderful team who she considers her family.


John - General Manager

Having been a real Francophile since the days of his high school French classes, our GM simply couldn’t resist joining the Mademoiselle Macaron family! Originally from Australia, John takes huge pride both in the quality of our products and our team that produces them. Outside of the kitchen you’ll likely find John on the golf course in the eternal struggle to break 80.


Carolyn - Customer Service & Creative Mademoiselle

A Mademoiselle who is allergic to nuts and cannot eat a macaron! So sad! Fortunately for us, Carolyn is still committed to making the prettiest photos of our macarons and has created our insta style. She also answers your emails and is all in all, a pretty fab person in our opinion. 


Eleni - Kitchen Manager

Eleni is our Greek Goddess in the kitchen. She manages the kitchen team perfectly to make sure every macaron is made on time!


Hanna - Packing Manager

Hanna looks after the customer orders side of our packing dream-team! She has the most beautiful hand-writing so if you receive a greetings card, it's likely been written by Hanna! Hanna's favourite macaron is the Chocolate Vegan macaron.


Becca - Wholesale Manager

Becca joined us in in 2021, moving from a well known wonderful smelling high street store and we're so lucky to have her looking after our corporate and wholesale clients. Becca loves all of our Vegan macarons and is campaigning for more flavours!


Ludovica - Kitchen Supervisor

Ludovica has brought some Italian flare with her. By day she keeps her hair tied up and in a sexy blue hairnet and by night she releases the hair we are all jealous of! 😂

Csilla - Macaronist

Csilla is one of our quietest macaronists and you're likely to find her captured in our instagram stories as she quickly pipes the fillings onto the macaron shells!

Linda - Macaronist

Linda is our longest serving Mademoiselle and goodness knows how many macarons she has made in her time! No job is too big or too small for Linda! She is the mama of the group and mum to a gorgeous wee girl!

Erika - Macaronist

Erika and Linda are partners in crime and have been for a couple of years! They even had babies around the same time! We love having Erika back in the kitchen after being on maternity leave ❤️

Fede - Macaronist

Fede tried to escape the world of Mademoiselle Macaron but we managed to lure her back with Pistachio macarons!

Giulia - Macaronist

Giulia came to our rescue at the start of 2021 and is a great member of the team! Giulia's favourite macaron is coffee!

Dawn - Packing Mademoiselle

Joining our packing Mesdemoiselles during 2020, Dawn's experience in the wedding industry makes her the fastest favour packer we've ever seen! She's still making her way through the flavours to decide on her favourite! :D