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Mademoiselle Macaron | The Team

Rachel - Chief Mademoiselle

Rachel still can't believe that the idea of making macarons for a living has worked out - so far! Seven years into developing Mademoiselle Macaron, you'll now find her behind a laptop dreaming up new ideas and spreadsheets. It fills her heart with joy to be working with a wonderful team who she considers her family.

Maddy - Kitchen Manager

Maddy very proudly holds the position of Kitchen Manager. She has worked in renowned Edinburgh restaurants, chocolate kitchens, bars and cafes, and we're lucky to have her!!! Her favourite macaron is Chocolate Peanut Butter...

Emma - Macaronist

Emma is super organised in the kitchen and her favourite macaron is lemon flavour! She swapped a kitchen in Linlithgow for our kitchen in Edinburgh and we're so glad she did!

Ludovica - Supervisor

Ludovica has brought some Italian flare with her. By day she keeps her hair tied up and in a sexy blue hairnet and by night she releases the hair we are all jealous of! 😂

Csilla - Macaronist

Csilla is one of our quietest macaronists and you're likely to find her captured in our instagram stories as she quickly pipes the fillings onto the macaron shells!

Eleni - Supervisor

Eleni is our Greek Goddess in the kitchen. She helps lead the kitchen team to make sure every macaron is made on time!

Carolyn - Customer Service & Creative Mademoiselle

A Mademoiselle who is allergic to nuts and cannot eat a macaron! So sad! Fortunately for us, Carolyn is still committed to making the prettiest photos of our macarons and has created our insta style. She also answers your emails and is all in all, a pretty fab person in our opinion.

Felice - Macaronist

We've stolen Felice from Australia and don't want to give her back! She's the best vegan baker on the team so watch out for new vegan flavours!

Linda - Macaronist

Linda is our longest serving Mademoiselle and goodness knows how many macarons she has made in her time! No job is too big or too small for Linda! She is the mama of the group and mum to a gorgeous wee girl!

Erika - Macaronist

Erika and Linda are partners in crime and have been for a couple of years! They even had babies around the same time! We love having Erika back in the kitchen after being on maternity leave ❤️