The Story

I still remember tasting my first macaron in the chic French capital. It was years ago now when I had waited in the long queue of confused tourists at Ladurée on the Champs Elysées. I bit into the creation and passed through the three culinary sensations.

First I broke into the solid shell, passed into the chewy almond meringue texture and finally tasted the sweet vanilla filling. 

From that moment on I have been in love with French macarons. It is now my mission to bring this experience and beautiful delicacy to Scotland.

My dreams came true when I lived in Paris, immersed myself in the culture, ate too many patisseries and finally went to the Alain Ducasse cookery school to learn how to make macarons. 

Now it’s time to be cheeky with my style and provide you with macarons with a serving of silly anecdotes.

I have taken it upon myself to bring Paris to Edinburgh and who knows where else. These two cities are where my head and my heart fuse together. Had there been a more ready supply of Irn Bru in Paris I may well have moved there permanently, but instead I created my own version of the French capital in the Scottish capital I call home.

I hope you can pop in and make yourself comfy.