July 11, 2024

Planning your Wedding with Mademoiselle Macaron

Written by Carolyn Henry

At sunset, on a picnic blanket, at the beach, there were rose petals...ah, the list goes on. The perfect proposal was likely - yours! Mademoiselle Macaron cannot wait to help with macarons for your big day. So, whether you're asking your bridesmaids / groomsmen for their support on your big day, choosing a tower or favours or, thanking those wonderful suppliers, macarons are the perfect choice. Read on for Mademoiselle's top tips for wedding macarons.

1. Planning - Save the Date: Are you planning your wedding 2 years in advance or being a little more relaxed? Over the years Mademoiselle has seen every approach from brides and grooms! Those who are so relaxed they order their macaron tower or favours just a couple of days before, and those who plan meticulously 2+ years in advance and have regular taste test check-ins. There's no right or wrong approach - but setting the date and firming up your plan is important.  

Wedding Macaron Favours by Mademoiselle Macaron

2. Decide on your Guest List: Determine the number of guests you want to invite to your big day and create a guest list. Remember though that you want to enjoy your wedding and that it should be entirely your choice who you invite - step back Mum-in-law - it's the bride and or groom's choice! The number of guests will also dictate the number of macarons you require, we suggest 2-3 macarons per person when the macarons are part of the evening buffet offering but you may want to include more! 

3. Choose your Perfect Venue: Consider your wedding date, the type of venue you'd like and how the "perfect" venue suits the vision for your special day. If you're opting for a sleek and modern venue then this will likely dictate the style of your dress, decoration and the colours (of macaron!) you choose. Additionally, remember that the weather is the one thing you can't guarantee - will your venue work if all of your photos need to be taken inside?

4. Choose your invitations: Design and send out invitations well in advance, particularly if your date clashes with holiday season. Don't forget to include all the essential details, RSVP information, and of course, a hint of the delectable delights that await your guests. Consider digital invitations for a more eco-friendly and convenient option. Or, do it in style with our macaron favour boxes!

5. Venue Dressing: Transform your chosen venue with decorations that complement your chosen wedding theme. Incorporate your wedding theme with florals, favours, beautiful linens and table centrepieces to compliment your chosen aesthetic vibe for the big day. Personalised touches such as incorporating hobbies or photos make fantastic talking points and beautiful backdrops for photos. 

6. Focus on the Details: Whether your bridesmaids are in your favourite shade of pink or your family Tartan includes forest green, highlighting colourful accents from your table wear to your florals or your accessories will ensure that attention to detail is remembered by your guests. We've matched ribbon to suit colours and even been sent a swatch of a velvet bridesmaid dress to colour match our green macaron. You can even design your own bespoke macaron favours choosing the colours and flavours here

7. Choosing your favourite flavours for a show stopping dessert: The bride loves raspberry but the groom is a chocoholic? You'd like a nod to Scottish fun - Irn Bru - and Passionfruit reminds you of your exotic holiday proposal? Why not build an entirely bespoke tower ready to tantalise your guests tastebuds. Imagine a cascading tower of macarons, colours to match your theme, bursting with an array of your favourite flavours such as a selection of our Classic macarons or opt for a Pink or Blue Ombré tower. 

8. An edible place name or table seating plan: Set up a designated area for guests to search for their name and then their seat. Our macarons are the perfect edible table decoration and are a sure fire way to have guests sharing their favourite flavours as they settle down to their meal. Add initials and your wedding date, or, the name of each guest to one of our individual favour boxes.

9. Capture the Memories: Ask your photographer to capture all of those special details. Encourage guests to capture precious moments throughout the day, creating a visual scrapbook of laughter, love, and all of the little details that you've put together. With our Personalised Macarons you can have your wonderful day printed onto our macarons, for you, your guests, or perhaps to gift someone who couldn't make the event; allowing them to share in the memories and enjoy a delicious treat! They're also the perfect gift for those hardworking wedding suppliers! 

10. Show Gratitude with Favours: Whether you've opted for an edible place name or are handing favours out as the chariots depart Mademoiselle Macaron's exquisite gift boxes and small favours, adorned with ribbons and filled with an assortment of their delectable macarons, are the perfect token of appreciation. 

And remember, your wedding day should be about you and your other half and enjoying all of the things you love. Bisous -

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