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Looking to order some printed macarons but not sure where to start? We've put together our most frequently asked questions to help with ordering macarons - for events, staff or client gifting.

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If you're not sure whether your logo is suitable, or, if you'd like to discuss a personalised insert or alternative colours or flavours for your printed macarons please contact us or, give us a call on 0131 2855820 option 2.

Choose your product

Favours, trays or gift boxes? If you have a budget per unit let us know and we can best advise on the options available.

Upload your logo

High definition JPG or PNG files are preferred. Black or greyscale logos print very well. Similarly logos with bold colours, incorporating simple lines or shapes.

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Approve a test print

If you've provided a logo prior to ordering, or, noted that you'd like to see the printing ahead of dispatch we'll send a JPG photo for approval.

Et Voilà!

Our team will bake, print and dispatch your orders accordingly - whether to a single address or shipping to individuals

Frequently Asked Questions

Some orders we can turn around very quickly; it will depend on the complexity of the order, and, any bespoke requests. For standard colours / flavour combinations we can turn an order round in as quickly as 1-2 business days.

Yes, we can ship to individual addresses, or to a single address in bulk. Our team can work with you to assess your requirements for the order and are happy to assist with any messages or cards to be included for recipients.

In the first instance, do see our "printing requirements" below. We'll do our very best to work with your logo, and, will advise what is and isn't possible.

We're not able to print white logos, nor can we print in metallic colours - though we can add shimmer spray before or after printing as per any requirements you may have.

In the first instance, please send us your logo and or brand guidelines and we'll assess whether it's suitable for printing and or colour matching.

If it isn't suitable for printing we'll suggest perhaps alternative edits of the logo that would work. As regards colour matching we regularly make a rainbow of colours and can confidently work with you to create something that's complimentary to your brand.

We've worked with many food and drinks companies over the years to match flavour profiles and to incorporate specific ingredients into the fillings of our macarons.

In the first instance, do contact us and we'll do our best to work with you. If we have an existing recipe this is much easier for our kitchen team.

If we haven't worked with your flavouring before we will charge a recipe development fee.

If you're looking to bespoke colour match we'll do our very best to ensure we can offer a realistic option to work with your requirements.

Bespoke orders are subject to a minimum order quantity of 200 macarons. This equates to approximately 10 trays of macarons in a single colour.

If you're on a tight timescale this may not be possible, but, printed macarons might work well, or, we'll offer to work with you to create something magnifique within your brand requirements!

All of our favour boxes can be supplied without any Mademoiselle Macaron information; though, we do recommend including our allergen label for added peace of mind for recipients who may have food allergies.

These are available with single, 2 or 3 macarons. Our larger gift boxes (6, 12, 18 and 24 macarons) are branded with the Mademoiselle Macaron logo and swooshes. If you are planning a large event and have a timescale of 2 months plus we can likely assist with branded sleeves for the outside of the boxes at an additional fee.

All of our standard macarons are gluten free. We do have seasonal specials which do contain gluten, but, these are only offered if the colour / flavour profile matches your specifications.

All standard macarons do contain dairy, eggs and nuts. We can offer dairy and egg free macarons, however, these are more limited in colour / flavour availability.

We offer a range of options for our corporate gifting that should work for a range of budgets. If you have a budget in mind, please do let us know and we can work with you to suggest options that would be suitable within this for your requirements.

Printing Requirements

- Please upload high quality logos/images, roughly 3000 pixels if possible. If you do send us a low quality image, we cannot guarantee it will print as well as a laser printer prints on paper and will try to get in touch with you to warn you of this. 

- Maximum variation of photos to be printed per box is 3. If you send 12 different images to be printed, we will only print 3. 

- We can only print your photos onto ivory macaron shells which are our signature Vanilla flavour. Half printed boxes are supplied with the remaining unprinted macarons in raspberry, salted caramel and pistachio flavours. 

- Please note that macarons average 4cm in diameter. 

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