Wedding FAQs

Posted on May 19, 2018 by Rachel Hanretty

 Q. I have a colour scheme in mind for my macarons but some of the flavours you have don’t match those colours. What can you do?

A. We can do almost anything within reason. Our current range of flavours and colours are for you to buy immediately but if you need navy and blush pink macarons, for example, we can do that with a different flavour. 

The thing to keep in mind though, is that some flavours we cannot alter the colour of e.g. raspberry is a pink colour because of the raspberries in it. Please note that we cannot offer a guarantee of an exact colour match. 


Q. What about gold, silver or bronze macarons, can you add some shimmer to my macarons? 

A. Yes, we can add that extra lush edge to your macarons. However, this is an additional fee per macaron. 


Q. I want four shades of pink on my macaron tower, can you do this?

A. Four shades of a colour is about our limit and when customers have asked us to make ombré shade towers we advise that the final colour is our ivory colour. Have a look at our pink ombre tower. 


Q. My wedding isn’t until next year, when should I order?

A. Although we say that a four week minimum notice period is required, some weeks in the year get booked up quite far in advance e.g. April - September and so the best idea is to book when you are decided. At least then it’s another thing ticked off the to do list! 


Q. My mum and soon to be mother in law say we should have a traditional wedding cake but I would prefer a macaron tower, what should I do?

A. Hmmm, it’s your wedding and you should do what you want to! But have you considered getting a cake topper for the tower? This could be a six inch cake that sits on top of six tiers of macarons. Have a look at our interview with Chef Sophie who makes the cakes for us. 


Q. Do you provide samples? 

A. We absolutely do however, these are for the flavours, we do not create samples of colours. You can order macarons online and then the cost of a box of 12 or 6 is then deducted from the price of the wedding order if over £150. 


Q. How does delivery work? 

A. We use DPD Local courier service to deliver across the UK. You get a tracking number which is texted and emailed to you so you can keep an eye on it at all times. 

We recommend having the macarons delivered the day before the wedding and then stored in the fridge. 


Q. What if they break in transit, what should we do?

A. We are very confident in our packaging to protect the macarons but it can happen that there is a crack or two in some macarons. If there is a problem with your order you must call us right away. 


Q. Do the prices for the wedding favours include the ribbon and tags?

A. We are working with David from Bottled Love who is able to design and produce tags for us. Have a look at photos of our macaron favours here.  Many couples have also sent us in tags that they have had designed for them and we’re more than happy to attach them in the packaging process. 


Q. Does the tower come preassembled? Is it easy to set up?

A. The tower does not come preassembled. It is included in the price of the macarons. It is super easy to set up, just place one tier on top of the other and it all clicks into place. 


Q. Can I request a flavour that I don’t see on your menu? 

A. You can yes, but if this isn’t a flavour we have made before then we would need to charge a bespoke recipe development fee. 

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