Which Witch Are You?

Greetings, fellow macaron enthusiasts and Halloween aficionados!

Mademoiselle Macaron has conjured up a spellbinding trio of flavours inspired by none other than the wickedly delightful Sanderson sisters from the cult classic film "Hocus Pocus."

Are you ready to discover which Sanderson sister you resonate with the most, and which delectable macaron flavor matches your magical personality? Take our quiz and let the Halloween fun begin!

What Sanderson Sister Are You?

Which word best describes your style?

a) Vintage and classic
b) Bold and flamboyant
c) Quirky and eclectic

What's your go-to spell ingredient?

a) Eye of newt
b) Dragon's breath
c) Bat wings

How do you spend your evenings?

a) Taking long walks in the moonlight
b) Hosting extravagant parties
c) Experimenting with potions and spells

What's your favourite form of transportation?

a) Broomstick
b) Flying vacuum cleaner
c) A whirlwind of energy

What's your signature colour?

a) Deep purple
b) Fiery red
c) Mysterious green

Congratulations, dear reader!

You've unlocked the magic within and discovered your inner Sanderson sister along with your perfect macaron match. Why not indulge in these spellbinding treats to truly embrace the spirit of Halloween.

Whether you're a Winifred, Mary, or Sarah, there's a macaron waiting to enchant your taste buds!

Wishing you a bewitching Halloween filled with sweet delights and spooky surprises!

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