Eat Your Logo - Macarons

We have had the pleasure of working with some fantastic companies over the years and printing many a logo on a macaron. Now you can order macarons in bulk and have your corporate event be even better with some bespoke treats. 

 Read on to find out more:

- To get the best quality of printing, we advise printing on white macarons. These are vanilla or Nutella flavour. 

- This product does not come in a gift box and is designed for those customers who want to order for events and use their own display materials. We will ship these in trays (see picture). If you would like gift boxes, have a look at our other printed products. 

- There is a minimum order quantity of 20 macarons for this product and the price is listed  per printed macaron. There is no maximum. 

- Please upload a high quality image of your logo, roughly 3000 pixels if possible.

- Only one image can be printed on these macarons, if you would like different variations, please order separately. 

- Where possible, we will contact you if the file you have uploaded does not print well on a macaron. 

- Please note that macarons average 4cm in diameter and as such it is not always possible to print extensive details on a macaron shell. 

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