A Story of True Love

Posted on February 08, 2017 by Pippa Drucquer

Once upon a time in a far away land, the Mademoiselle met her first true love. She was a Scottish girl living in the romantic city of Paris and this is where this love journey began. 
  Paris had captivated her. From the Pont de Arts lined with love lockets, to the magnificence of the museums and secret alleyways leading to wine bars, she was besotted. But what caught her attention the most was the bright and delicious, macarons.

These "edible jewels" quickly became her obsession, not only for their delicate charm but also for their unique, often exclusive flavours.

Fascinated by how much delight the macaron could bring, she decided it was time to learn all that she could about these morsels of deliciousness and that is exactly what she did.   

 The Mademoiselle knew however, that her little Paris love affair could not go on forever, for as much as she loved the city, and of course the macarons, her home was in Scotland. Returning home with a broken heart she searched high and low for a macaron substitute but was left with nothing but disappointment. 

Longing for the sophistication, elegance and beauty of Paris, the Mademoiselle formed an extraordinary idea - she decided that if she could not live in the city of her dreams, why not bring a little piece of it to her!

This pinnacle moment marked a vision, a motivation, and what was soon to become her future - the beginning of Mademoiselle Macaron.

And with much dedication, hard work and passion she made that dream a reality. 

In May 2014 the first Mademoiselle Macaron shop and cafe opened on 22 Grindlay Street and since then the Mademoiselle has continued to drive the company into all directions - expanding the opportunity for many to discover a little piece of Paris.

 When your parcel arrives and you catch a glint of those bright colours beneath the renowned purple packaging, you find yourself overwhelmed with the sensation of guilty pleasure as you contemplate devouring the lot (trust us - we’ve all been there). It is at this point that you realise, the Mademoiselle has not just created a product, but an experience – what she refers to as "tastebud tourism”.

The journey of romance goes on, for Mademoiselle Macaron is not just your typical girl, nor your typical company -  it is a dream, an inspiration and of course a story of a girl’s first true love. A story that she hopes, will never end.

Bisous xx

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