December 28, 2023

Christian Lacroix x Regatta x Mademoiselle Macaron

Written by Carolyn Henry
In August 2023 we were contacted by the fabulous team at Label PR regarding a special collaboration. With fantastic floral images, a chevron design and two incredible names in the mix - Christian Lacroix and Regatta - it was sleeves rolled up as the kitchen created beautiful high end macarons fit for some stunning boxes!


The simply fabulous team at Label PR are well known to Mademoiselle Macaron - working with the best fashion houses and major companies in London and further afield we were incredibly excited to be asked to collaborate for such a special product launch back in September.

Christian Lacroix X Regatta

During the initial contact with the client we were provided with both the Christian Lacroix and Regatta logos, these were combined for printing - alongside the stylised red "x" and this macaron was the first to be "signed off" and a definite for inclusion in the final boxes.

We were then tasked with printing the chevrons that would eventually become part of the final product. Alongside this, the beautiful florals were also considered - again for printing. During initial discussions all macarons were going to be the ivory shells - but with different fillings and printing. Sadly though the florals didn't print as clearly as we'd hoped and we were back to the drawing board! 


Christian Lacroix


Meantime, the teams at both Mademoiselle Macaron and Label PR worked closed with Hackin to create the wonderful boxes that were to eventually hold the macarons. 

Whilst we're incredibly proud of our own Mademoiselle boxes these were wonderful to see. The same construction (with a magnetised close) and padding to ensure the macarons were safe in transit were reworked - into black, but with the bold Christian Lacroix x Regatta patterning and brief fitting the collaboration.

We're delighted to have then followed up with Hackin to produce their own boxes for Christmas gifting to clients - so hopefully we'll be doing more wonderful box / macaron designs in future! 



The final decision to be made - when we'd finally chosen the printed designs (with the logos and the chevron firm favourites with all!) - were flavour. 

Taste testing is always important for both our team in house, and for our clients. We wanted to ensure that the flavours were appropriate and matched the final luxurious brief. 

The red Passionfruit macarons were certainly a favourite, but, the team at Label PR were looking for something a little different to our standard "Vanilla" printed macarons. Et voila, the kitchen suggested our white chocolate ganache - paired with the Passionfruit it was definitely the perfect choice. 


Working with Label PR was an absolute delight for our team - it was wonderful to be part of a project where the brief was to create something beautiful, luxurious and fun - to match the ethos of both brands. We were so thrilled with the feedback from the recipients and from the client and can't wait to work on more wonderful projects like this one in 2024.  

If you're considering a brand mailing, or, we can help with colour-matching or printed macarons for a new product or event contact us and we'll be happy to discuss all of the options with you. 


A bientot, 

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