January 05, 2024

L'Oréal x Mademoiselle Macaron

Written by Carolyn Henry
In the run up to Christmas we were contacted with a rather intriguing brief; individual macaron favour boxes - perhaps printed, and in large quantity - quickly! With less than 7 days our fantastic macaronists and packing team were able to send out a whopping 2000 L'Oréal branded macarons - each individually boxed with a colour matched ribbon... 


A few years back the wonderful team at L'Oréal chose our shades of pink favours for staff, and, we were delighted when we were approached by a company working with them for a large scale London event to prep further macarons for their guests. Read on to find out more!  

L'Oréal Macarons

The brief this time - flavour - and colours in a range of shades. Our signature vanilla and raspberry were chosen alongside our strawberry red and then finally our chocolate strawberry shells also. But with a twist - they loved the sound of our Red Velvet macarons, could we incorporate that filling? Absolutment! 

They opted for equal quantities of each of the filling / colour combinations - 500 in total for each. 


L'Oréal Macarons 2Meantime, as the team baked - to meet the very tight deadline! - the packing team sprung to life. 
Thankfully, as the kitchen team work baking fresh macarons each day we knew that our raspberry and vanilla macarons would likely be available first - ready for the printer! 
The team were able to print these in small batches, ensuring that the L'Oréal logo was printed perfectly in each case - matching the high standard of the brand.
When first discussing the order with the teams the original plan was to have the macarons shipped in our trays for serving on platters. We were therefore delighted that the decision was made at point of ordering that single favour boxes would create a moment of luxury for the recipients.
L'Oréal Macarons 3 

As a result, the final flourish was also a little bit of a challenge - could we match a very specific lipstick colour (FYI: 400 - Spill the Tea - now firmly on Mademoiselle's lipstick wish-list!) for the ribbon? Of course we could!

Et voila! The team worked together to ensure that 2000 of our beautiful macarons were baked, printed, boxed and ribboned - because L'Oréal is always worth it! 

L'Oréal Macarons 4

If you're considering a brand mailing, or, we can help with colour-matching or printed macarons for a new product or event contact us and we'll be happy to discuss all of the options with you. 


A bientot, 

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