January 31, 2024

Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

Written by Consuela Sutherland

Wedding Anniversaries can be tricky to buy gifts for regardless of the recipient -  especially when you are searching for something unique to celebrate such a special occasion. Macarons are the perfect choice; enabling the happy couple to share - if they want to! 

An Anniversary Gift Box for all occasions: 

We know it can be hard to find something for every year, and sometimes the themes are no help! So, why not treat someone to a bespoke edible anniversary gift? Our Happy Anniversary Gift Box allows you to send Personalised macarons. Your message will be printed onto our classic Vanilla macaron and sit alongside our Pistachio, Raspberry and Salted Caramel flavours. The perfect versatile gift sure to stick in the recipient's mind! 


Someone you know celebrating their 6th year of marriage?

Sugar happens to be the theme for six years of marriage so why not mark it with sending that special person a box of our Classic macarons? If you are looking for that extra special gift, opt for our Photo macarons. A chance to take a trip down memory lane before indulging in a sweet treat and sure to put a smile on anyone's face!

Marking an important anniversary?

If you have been blessed with a long lasting marriage or know someone who has a significant anniversary to celebrate, consider one of our bespoke Anniversary Gift Boxes featuring some of our favourite flavours made even more special with metallic sheen decoration applied. 


Silver Wedding Anniversary: 

Silver represents the 25th Wedding Anniversary. Instead of going for a traditional gift such as jewellery (or as well as...) spoil your loved one with our Silver Gift Box. A special message printed on our Vanilla macaron alongside Earl Grey with beautiful silver sprayed shell. 


Ruby Wedding Anniversary:

40 years is marked by Ruby. We've created a gorgeous ruby red shell filled with Chocolate

Strawberry alongside Classic Vanilla with 'Happy Ruby Anniversary' printed message. 


Sapphire Wedding Anniversary: 

 Sapphire is the theme when celebrating 45 years of marriage. 

We've encased our Classic Chocolate filling in a blue shell with shimmer - almost too pretty to eat...

Golden Wedding Anniversary: 

If you or someone you know is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, send them our Golden Anniversary Box. Alongside Classic Vanilla you'll find our Gold Salted Caramel. We think it's an upgrade on a bouquet of flowers! 

Emerald Wedding Anniversary: 

The numbers keep on climbing! For the 55th year, you'll definitely want something special. Our Chocolate Mint is encased in a dark green shell with shimmer alongside 'Happy Emerald Anniversary' printed onto our Vanilla macaron. 

Diamond Wedding Anniversary: 

So, you've made it to 60 years of marriage? Well, it doesn't get more impressive than that! Treat yourself with our Diamond Wedding Anniversary. Classic Vanilla makes up this box, but half have been given a silvery shimmer. A classic flavour, for a classic couple - after all, Diamonds are a girl's best friend...




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