With this Macaron I thee Wed

Macarons make fabulous wedding favours and perfectly match your colour scheme with endless flavour and colour combinations!
Mademoiselle takes romance very seriously and will do everything possible to make your special day joyeuse, super and incroyable as the French would say.
We have a few options for wedding favour packaging from cellophane bags to dinky boxes. Macarons speak for themselves and are best displayed in a way the colours can be seen.
Know what you want? Go straight to our form at the bottom of the page and tell us your specifications.
Can’t make it to the shop to sample your macarons? Free sample box of 12 against wedding orders of over £150

Wedding Centerpiece Tower

Sponge not your thing? What about a macaron tower that holds up to 210 macarons and can be adjusted to any height you wish.  

We provide the stand and you choose the macarons. Voilà!                        Prices Start From £95                                          

OPTIONS:     6 Tiers (86 Macarons)            8 Tiers (142 Macarons)                10 Tiers (210 Macarons)

Wedding Favours

Box of 2 of 3

Macarons displayed in clear boxes – these wedding favours really brighten up your tables and will be a conversation topic as everyone sits down to their meal. You can choose to opt for ribbon in the colours you want too.

You choose the flavours and colours, we deliver the sugary goodness.


Quantity of 2 or 3
Custom Macaron Colour(s)
Custom Macaron Flavour(s)
Custom Packaging Ribbon Colour

Bag of 2 of 3

We love these little cellophane bags with a silver base for wedding favours. You can have personalised stickers using our distinctive font. Bisous means kisses in French and so it makes sense to seal your favours with a kiss.

Choose two or three macarons per package.


Quantity of 2 or 3
Custom Macaron Colour(s)
Custom Macaron Flavour(s)
Custom Sticker Message

Bespoke Macaron

Do you want to add that finishing touch to a macaron? Would you like to have you initials on your wedding macarons?

As well as choosing your own colours and flavours of your macarons we can offer you the chance to have a bespoke image airbrushed and stencilled on to your order of macarons. Please note that limitations will occur due to the size of the macaron.

We can create your unique macarons with orders of 100 loose macarons or more or as part of a wedding order.

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